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From Incorporation through Licensing, Policies and Procedure Manual, Trainings, Initial Survey, etc.


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Policies and Procedures for Home Health Care, Personal Care, Companion Care and Non-Medical Transportation.


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Home Health Consultants’ clients have worry-free regulatory audits.


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Your one-stop solution for all your Home Health needs

Home Health Consultants provides consulting and advisory services to home health agencies. We are services and results oriented.

We conduct organizational studies, evaluate structures, design policies and procedures, and prepare informative manuals to assist home health agencies medical and non-medical (Personal Assistance Services)/ Home Help/Chore /Personal Care Agencies in managing their healthcare system more efficiently and effectively. We ensure that the services we offer to our clients meet their needs and are of the quality they expect to receive.

With client satisfaction as our focus, the foundation of the design and implementation of our services, we continuously strive to be on the cutting edge of the knowledge, skills, and experience required to advancing the quality and cost-effectiveness of home health agencies operations and services provided. Our track record proves we can make it happen. We pride ourselves on the satisfaction and joy that beam on our clients’ face after every State Survey/Audit. Our success rate speaks for itself.

group of consultantsHome Health Consultants is all about solutions. Solutions for home health agencies that want to excel, solutions for improving agency census, solutions for generating stronger financial outcomes, solutions for increased referral, improved patient satisfaction and retention.

Whether it is through our Operational Consulting Services, our Customer Service programs, our highly acclaimed Strategic Planning and management services, Home Health Consultants focuses on one thing: providing each client with whatever they need to move to higher levels of performance, efficiency and organizational effectiveness. Our services offer solutions that:

  • Target problem areas.
  • Improve operational performance.
  • Generate stronger financial results.
  • Provide clarity for future strategies and directions.
  • Strengthen patient and referral source satisfaction.
  • Improve quality scores and outcomes.
  • Create an optimal customer-driven culture.
  • Differentiate your agency from the competition.

Improving patient census, increasing revenue, decreasing overhead costs, are a few concepts we aim to achieve at Home Health Consultants. Our consulting process gives your agency multiple tools needed to provide the best care to your patients. We provide tips to expand your services and locations, serving more customers, getting paid accurately and quickly. Our referrals program also lends a hand in growing your business. Improve cash flow processing claims securely anywhere and anytime. The increased fiscal challenges in the industry require that providers become more efficient. We help you do more with less; we offer trainings and seminars to reduce labor and administrative costs.

Your administrative duties are also key to success.

We help you to ensure compliance, pass state audits, improve documentations, making accurate decisions faster, assess patients appropriately, and get accurate on billings and or claims submissions.

Home Health Consultants’ clients have worry-free regulatory audits.

We provide tips on how to communicate and collaborate effectively while implementing standards to keep you compliant with all regulatory requirements and reduce your risk of loss of license, accreditation, certifications, or contracts.

Home Health Consultants will work with its clients to understand their Healthcare goals, and operational requirements in order to help them develop and implement a comprehensive health care management solution.

With our years of experience in the field, we have learned the nitty-gritty of the trade and we can use that knowledge to help you start your own home health care or PAS/Provider Agency.

Increase competitiveness and grow your business without increasing overhead.

We give you the tools to increase awareness such as business cards, websites, flyers, brochures and much more, gives you an edge over the competition. Through special events, interface and networking with key and vital industry resource personalities are facilitated. Through social network optimization, enormous and unlimited (SEO) search engine optimization, website upgrades internet visibility is enamored, favorable online relationship with clients and prospecting clients are stimulated.

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We are proud to have earned the trust of so many home healthcare companies all over the country.

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We thank you for making us a part of your Home Health Care Founding Journey.



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